FDGV News January 2013 – Family Doctors New Physical Program

Family Doctors of Green Valley is starting their Physical Program. This program will remind patients to do their annual physical to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The normal physical process would include three office visits which will include the initial visit, the blood work visit, and the follow up visit.

The initial visit is where the Provider will explain to the patient how the program works and what the process is. The providers will also indicate what test(s) and blood work the patient will need. If the patient needs to be referred out for any reason, the provider will order the referral.

After all of the patient orders have been inputted, nurses or front office staff will then schedule patient for their second visit, which will be for the fasting blood work.

Once we receive the results of the blood work, the patient will come in for another visit to follow up with the provider. On this third visit, the provider will then provide the patient with their own physical binder. In this binder ALL patient results will provided for them.

Family Doctors of Green Valley offers this physical program to both insured and non-insured patients. For the insured patients, health insurances normally provide one free preventative visit. The insured patient will then be responsible for any follow up visits after the initial preventative visit.

For non-insured patients, Family Doctors of Green Valley provides this program at a low cost. These types of physicals are normally priced around $465. If non-insured patients choose to start this physical program they will have two options. Payment in full on initial visit will cost $295. They also have the choice to do a payment plan which will be broken down into three payments. The first payment will be for $150 for the initial visit, the second payment will be during the second visit for $100, and the final payment will be during the third visit for $100. Patients will save more if they pay in full instead of going with a payment plan.


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