FDGV News February 2013 Family Doctors Add Clinical Administrator

With Family Doctors of Green Valley continuously expanding, we have decided to hire a Clinical Administrator. This person will be responsible for keeping Family Doctors of Green Valley’s operations going smoothly. She will be responsible for the back office staff and anything regarding the back office operations.

The Clinical Administrator will be responsible for several duties:

  • Ordering of all medical supplies.
  • Keeping track of our nursing inventory.
  • Making sure that the patient flow in the back office is smooth.
  • Scheduling in the nursing department.

She will also be responsible for any interviewing, hiring and training of new medical assistants, if needed in the future. She will be the one to go to for any approval for all overtime and will be the one to give out points to the nursing department if necessary. She will be the one that the medical assistants go to regarding any concerns so that she can find solutions.


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