Care Credit

Family doctors of Green Valley is happy to announce we have paired with Care Credit to help our patients with their Healthcare financial needs. CareCredit believes that living well starts with a healthy community. We are proud to support the efforts of organizations that are going above and beyond to help others make a positive impact in the communities we practice.

We know Healthcare is expensive. Healthcare costs can be one of the biggest monthly budget items for many people. Paying medical bills can be a financial burden and a significant challenge.

CareCredit has entered into agreements with a broad range of healthcare providers that will accept its card as payment for their services. The card can be used to cover traditional medical insurance copayments​ on covered services as well as for elective medical procedures that are not covered by traditional insurance plans. These providers range from doctors, dentists and surgical centers to vision care and hearing centers. Cardholders simply go to the CareCredit website and enter a zip code to find local providers that take the card.

By paying with CareCredit, you are eligible to participate in short-term financing offers that enable them to make payments over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months with no interest charge as long as they spend at least $200 and pay the full bill within the agreed-on time period. Extended time periods up to 60 months for minimum purchase amounts of $2,500 are also available, with interest rates as low as 14.9%.

Family doctors of green valley will be accepting Care Credit for our all of our office visits, MRI and X-Rays. This also includes our Weight loss program!

Apply here or by phone at 1-800-677-0718.


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