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Longevity and quality of life is the elusive goal all of us aspire to attain, but what do we have to do to achieve this long life? Here are some tips….

  1. Become a woman! As funny as this seems, 85 percent of centenarians (people who live to a 100) are women, and of those who live past 110, 90 percent are women.
  2. Lose weight! Very few centenarians are obese. Join our Weight Loss Program and enjoy long life with your weight loss.
  3. Stop smoking.
  4. Stop drinking or minimize alcohol.
  5. Develop skills at handling stress and brushing of the small stuff rather than dwelling on them. (It's all small stuff anyways!)
  6. Centenarians are more emotionally stable, outgoing, and active in their communities.
  7. Get married! It actually ups your chances of hitting 100!
  8. What about Genetics? Research suggests that lifestyle choices account for about 75 to 80 percent of longevity with genetics being responsible for the rest.
  9. Maintain good cholesterol, raise your good guys and lower your bad guys.
  10. Maintain normal or low blood pressure, and lower resting heart rates

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