Is my blood pressure high? What should it be?

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Blood pressure is the measure of force the blood vessels have to experience when the heart beats and when it rests. When the heart beats, the pressure in the blood vessels is called the systolic blood pressure, and when the heart relaxes, the pressure in the blood vessels is called the diastolic blood vessels. So the formula for BP is [systolic blood pressure/diastolic blood pressure].

Normal blood pressure is below 120/80. Yes, that’s right! Less than 120/80.

But my doctor states high blood pressure is greater than 140/90? And yes, he/she is right; the definition of high blood pressure is greater than 140/90, BUT normal is less than 120/80.

The grey zone of (120-140)/(80-90) is now known as prehypertension or pre high blood pressure. Did you know your relative risk of a heart attack or stroke is twice that of someone below 120/80.

Did you know you can subtract years off your life when your blood pressures are high? In medicine, we doctors call it the silent killer. Make no mistake, high blood pressure will subtract years off your life. And most of the time people have no symptoms with high blood pressure.

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