High blood Pressure

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Did you know high blood pressure is known as the silent killer? Many people with this condition have no symptoms. So what is normal blood pressure? It is any reading less than 120/80. What? 120/80? Not 140/90? Newer studies demonstrate that blood pressure below 140/90 but higher than 120/80 gives you twice the risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke than someone with a blood pressure under 120/80. In fact, long-lived people tend to have low blood pressure. So if you want to live long and be healthy, first focus on your blood pressure.

What can blood pressures do if left untreated? It can cause heart disease, stroke, a heart attack, kidney disease, dementia, vascular issues, eye disease, and more. In fact, it contributes to 75% of all strokes and heart attacks.

We have an arsenal of methods to reduce Blood pressure: medications, natural approaches, and weight loss.

At Family Doctors of Green Valley, blood pressure is the one of many things we focus on in your overall health program. Schedule your physical today!


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