Weight Loss: FAQs

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Our clinic is conveniently located 3-1/2 blocks (1.7 miles) north of the 215 Freeway on the West side of Pecos Road just South of Robindale Road. It is also 4 miles East of U.S. 93/U.S. 95/I-515.

Surrounding blocks are Eastern Avenue, Warm Springs Road, Green Valley Parkway, and Windmill Parkway.

Each HCG program is customized to the needs of the patient and takes into account other health issues. Costs vary based on the program that best fits you. Call our office for more details.

For now, the hCG program is NOT covered by any insurance. No insurance will cover weight loss programs completely, but we can bill your insurance for the medical provider office visit ONLY with your normal copay, as long as our clinic is contracted with your insurance.

We accept payment in cash, Care credit card, credit cards, and ATM debit card with Visa or Mastercard logo. We also accept American Express and Discover as forms of payment. You also have an opportunity to set up a payment plan with our billing department where you can receive detailed information.

We appreciate and welcome walk-ins if you would like to be seen by any one of our doctors. If you would like to see a particular doctor, then you need to schedule an appointment in advance.

Would you like to schedule a doctor’s appointment now, even if it is not during business hours? Family Doctors of Green Valley has real time online appointment booking 24 hours a day.

Patient will not be charged for cancelling the appointment but we would appreciate a 24-hour notice for cancellation. This will help us to keep the office running efficiently for everyone.

You need to carry your health insurance card and picture identity card. If you are having the appointment concerning a medical report, you need to bring it with you. New patients should bring all their prescription bottles along with names, addresses, and phone numbers of previous providers.

The company that created Zerona Laser Therapy has been lauded in medical journals for their excellence in research and testing procedures. They use placebo-controlled, randomized, double blind, multisite clinical investigations to test their products. Much research has gone into Cold Laser therapy and the science is sound. Family Doctors studied many different technologies before deciding to offer this one because of its safety and effectiveness.

When people have a hard time losing weight despite diet and exercise changes, it could be the result of a hormone imbalance. Hormones affect your metabolism rate and many bodily functions. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy gently helps bring your hormones back into balance making it easier to lose weight and helping you to feel better as your body just works better.

Bioidentical Hormones are just like the ones your body makes, so they are safe and effective. We monitor the dosage just as we monitor the rest of the program.

We have a Physician Supervised Medical weight loss program, which includes medication such as HCG, Phentermine, and other medications that can work with your existing medical conditions, all of will be discussed at your appointment time. Your weight loss program will be specifically tailored to your physical condition and weight loss goals.

Our average weight loss is around 2 to 6 pounds per week. Every patient is different. The important thing is to lose the weight safely and maintain health through the process.

The HCG Program has strict diet of 500kcal/day and only used where medically appropriate.

The diet for the medication program is 1200kcal or 1500kcal/day.

Our programs are medically monitored so you can maintain and even improve your health through your weight loss.

We also have a nutritionist that can work with you directly if you have any special dietary restrictions.

The medications dispensed will depend on the initial visit. You will be evaluated first by our medical provider before any medication will be prescribed to you.

We do dispense phentermine, tenuate and bontril inhouse at our clinic.

This will depend on how much you want to lose. Our clinic recommends at least 3 months on the medication program. We encourage and help in weight loss with proper transition to a healthier lifestyle.

The Body Composition Analysis shows the amount of fat versus lean muscle in the human body. The InBody analysis will look beyond the number on the scale and show your body composition proportions: fat, water, muscle mass, and skeletal mass.

Yes, you can exercise on the medication program. Exercise has many benefits to the body apart from weight control.


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