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We can help you explore the payment options available and see which ones are available to you. Self Pay is always welcome.

Health Insurance

Some Health Insurance companies cover the cost of an initial visit to a doctor following an accident, but many will not. Most Health Insurance companies will not cover any long term care needed for an accident injury. Family Doctors of Green Valley can work with you to determine what care your Health Insurance may cover.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance companies offer coverage for accident injuries. This coverage is called “Med Pay.” Family Doctors of Green Valley can help you determine if this option applies to your care.

Coverage usually starts at $1,000 and ranges upwards. If you have this coverage, it will be listed on the policy information sheet you receive from your insurance company. This outline of what is covered is called your “Declaration Page.” If you are covered, the “at fault” automobile insurance company is billed directly by the health care provider. Family Doctors of Green Valley can help you review your Declaration Page to determine if you have this coverage.

Attorney Lien

This payment option occurs when you contract with a Personal Injury attorney to represent your interests to the at-fault insurance company. You receive medical care on an attorney lien by making an agreement with the medical provider that your care will be paid from the settlement the attorney negotiates on your behalf from the at-fault insurance company. This agreement is signed both by you and the attorney that represents you. It’s called an “attorney lien.” Family Doctors of Green Valley can work with you and your attorney to determine if this option applies to your care.

Why We Prefer Liens over Insurances

We can offer more with a lien than with insurance.

The average visit time for an injury patient is much longer than other patients, since more detail is needed in the records. If it becomes a legal case, all items must be carefully documented. We are not as limited in time with a lien as we are when dealing with an insurance company.

More costs are covered

We usually have to submit information to an insurance company on the nature of the visits. Many insurance plans will not pay for an injury case. If they do not cover the cost, you, the patient, will be held responsible for the full amount. Even if an insurance company pays initially, if they review the case they can request all payments back. Then we will be forced to bill the whole amount to the patient.

There are fewer restrictions in delivering care

You as a patient may receive more services under a lien than with personal insurance. There are many services we cannot bill to an insurance company that can be billed under a lien, and court settlements are usually based on the medical bills.

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