Why See an MD?

Why see an MD first, before a Physical Therapist or Chiropractor?

  • We can make an initial assessment and direct care better, and we can do many of the tests required right in our office.
  • We monitor progress and prevent over- and under-treatment.
  • Communication is easy between MD colleagues, which will allow for smoother and better care.
  • We justify the nature of all studies needed and justify the need for Physical Therapy or Chiropractic care to the satisfaction of expert witnesses and insurance companies.
  • In case of severe injuries, we can order MRI's, make referrals and appointments, and follow up with Pain Management, Neurology, or therapy, and keep all medical documents together to help strengthen your case.

The sooner you contact us after an accident, the sooner we can help, so call us right away!

Would you like to schedule a doctor’s appointment now, even if it is not during business hours? Family Doctors of Green Valley has real time online appointment booking 24 hours a day and is conveniently located to serve the Green Valley and greater Las Vegas, Nevada area.

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