We test regularly to help you stay active and healthy.


At Family Doctors of Green Valley, we believe your Annual Physical is geared to give you an overall assessment of the state of your health. Because preventive health care greatly increases your chances of lifelong good health, we encourage annual physicals. We’ll help you stay healthy by reminding you when to come in for your yearly check-in and check up!

Our tests are designed to find any potential health problems, target, reduce, and eliminate any risk factors, and promote healthy lifestyle habits.

Since Family Doctors of Green Valley provides expert care for the entire family, we can provide exams, immunizations, testing, screenings, well care, education, and ongoing health management for chronic conditions (like diabetes and high blood pressure). We also offer thyroid testing, cholesterol testing, and hormone replacement therapy for men and women, as well as extensive cardiac care (EKGs, Treadmill Stress Tests, and Cardiac Blood Panels).

We have an extensive array of capabilities when it comes to providing physicals and testing. Whether you are needing a routine yearly physical exam or testing for something much more specific we can provide a multitude of in-house tests. Some include blood panels for cholesterol, thyroid, kidneys and liver, stress and EKG test, prostate exams, colonoscopies, hearing, vision and many more. We are truly your “one-stop” for all your health concerns.

Test regularly to help stay active and healthy. Plus, spending individual time on regular visits allows your doctor to get to know you better.

Family Doctors of Green Valley believes in offering Preventative/Wellness measures, which contributes for well-being of an individual for the rest of their life. We work with you to encourage overall wellness.

We also provide Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs and Accident/Injury Care as we serve the Green Valley and Las Vegas, Nevada communities.

Since we accept major insurance programs, and are happy to offer cash-based program to those patients without insurance, we are both affordable and reliable.

Basic Tests

Basic tests are recommended for all men and women under age 40.

Men & Women
Basic Physical Recommended Tests

We begin by getting your detailed medical history, including information about your family’s medical history. This will help us be aware of any health concerns or conditions that may run in your family. We can keep an eye out for any symptoms of potential conditions and deal with them early on!

Then, we do a thorough physical exam and check up and start with some basic tests. These include:


  1. CBC: A complete blood count.
  2. CMP: Comprehensive metabolic panel (Screens for Diabetes).
  3. TSH: Measures thyroid function.
  4. Lipid Panel: Measures blood levels of total cholesterol.
  5. Vit D 25-OH: Measures the amount of Vitamin D in your body
  6. Urinalysis: Urinalysis is the physical, chemical, and microscopic examination of urine.
  7. Inbody Composition Analysis: Measures body weight, lean body mass, fat and body water.

Beyond the Basics


  1. Pap: A screening tool for cervical cancer.


  1. Hemocult: Screens for colon cancer.
  2. PSA: Screens for prostate cancer and other conditions.

Specialized Tests

Depending on your personal medical history, your family medical history, individual concerns and BASIC test results, we may recommend additional testing.

  1. Hormone Package: A group of tests to assess hormone levels.
    1. Estradiol: A way to test estrogen levels.
    2. FSH & LH: Hormones secreted by the brain to stimulate production of the sex hormones.
    3. Progesterone: A female hormone.
  2. EKG: Checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart.
  3. DEXA: Measures bone density. Weak bones increase the risk of fractures and bone pain.
  4. Cardiac: A group of test to assess heart function.
    1. Ultrasound of the heart.
    2. Ultrasound of cartroid artery to see if there is a blockage to brain.
    3. Treadmill stress test. Depending on the situation, we may send some patients out to a cardiologist for this test.
    4. Ultrasound of upper arterial bilateral .
    5. Ultrasound of lower arterial bilateral.
  5. Diabetes Package I: Bloodwork: Comprehensive
    1. Metabolic Panel, HBA1c, urinalysis
    2. Foot Screen.
    3. Doppler evaluation for arterial blood flow.
    4. Diabetes Package II: Diabetes Package I
    5. NCV/EMG to evaluate for diabetic neuropathy
    6. Vision Screening.
  6. Hypertension (HTN) Package: Cardiodynamics
  7. Ultrasound: Imaging method that uses high frequency sound waves to produce relatively precise images of structures within your body.
    1. Ultrasound of the Heart
    2. Ultrasound of the kidneys.
    3. Ultrasound of Renal Arterial Flow. (blockage of the flow is a biological reason for HTN)
    4. Ultrasound of thyroid
    5. Ultrasound of the abdomen, pelvic areas, prostate
    6. Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
  8. Urinalysis.
  9. Arterial/Brachial Index.
  10. PFT: Pulmonary function tests. Measures for shortness of breath, asthma and emphysema.


  1. Lung: Pulmonary function test (see PFT).
  2. Hearing: Hearing test and acoustic reflex.
  3. Vision: Vision screen, also checks for color blindness.
  4. NCV/EMG-Nerve Conduction: Measures how well and how fast the nerves send electrical signals. Can differentiate between spinal disorders or nerve damage in the limbs.
  5. Body Fat/Weight Loss: Measures the ratio of lean mass to fat in your body.

All of these tests help you and your doctor know what’s going on in your body! Plus, comparing your results from year to year gives you a clear idea of where you may need help, what’s improving, and what’s just as it should be!

Other Tests are also provided at a very nominal fee; please contact our office for further information and/or fees.

This package offers a comprehensive exam, which includes detailed study that is designed to identify risks for future cardiovascular events such as stroke or heart attack. Testing includes the following:

  • VAP panel for detailed cholesterol report including Cardiac CRP levels.
  • Stress treadmill and EKG (screens for rhythm abnormalities, early heart disease)
  • Carotid Ultrasound (evaluates carotid artery blood flow)
  • Echocardiogram (evaluates heart function, valve disorders, chamber size)

Family Doctors of Green valley offers comprehensive services for people with allergies.

  • Complete allergy testing at our office
  • Diagnosis of allergies and treatment plan provided
  • Education into the ways that you can mitigate the symptoms
  • Prescription and/or non-presecription drug therapy
  • Allergy injections at our office
    • Build-up phase provides increasing doses of the allergens in injections 3-4 times per week for up to six months until the effective therapeutic dosage is reached.
    • Maintenance Phase - Once the maintenance dose is reached, the intervals between injections can be increased.

Treatment plans are customized to the individual's needs so it is most effective.

If you suspect that you have allergies, contact us for relief!

Low levels of hormones can be responsible for a host of symptoms, including exhaustion, weight gain, low libido, depression, and more. Whether you are looking to lose weight or improve your quality of life, the Family Doctors of Green Valley Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Package will help you reach your goals.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Sign up for our 3-month initial package that covers office visits, bloodwork, and prescriptions.
  2. Have the bloodwork done to determine which hormones need adjustment. We test for Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Thyroid, Cortisol, and more...
  3. Faithfully use your Hormone Replacement prescriptions and be monitored so we are sure your dosage works for you.

Unlike some other programs, we monitor you closely to ensure the therapy is effective and your hormone levels stay at their optimal level.

After the first three months of treatment, you can continue the BHRT on a monthly basis.

Annual Physicals are helpful in evaluating a patient’s health, especially for patients above 30 years of age. The tests are scheduled at your convenience. Our providers let you know effective measures to take to improve your health.

We store your results in a Personal Health Record categorized by the type of test done. Each year, the tests are done and can be stored chronologically in your Personal Health Record, which we provide for your convenience. The pattern of your tests can be studied by referring to your past scores so you can track your progress.

General Physicals will be conducted as and when it is required or provider feels it is necessary. General Physicals encompass the following:

  • Initial Visit with consultation, medication review, physical examination
  • Laboratory studies (cholesterol, thyroid, blood counts, kidney, liver, electrolytes)
  • Stress treadmill and EKG
  • Hearing and Vision screening
  • Prostate exam for men, gynecological exam for women
  • Dexa Scan (screening for osteoporosis)
  • Referral for Colonoscopy (screening for colon cancer)

When you turn 65, you are eligible for a “Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit Physical.”

This is a one-time FREE benefit that helps you and your doctor plan for your ongoing healthcare! The “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit helps you and your doctor develop a personalized plan to prevent disease, improve your health, and help you stay well.

It's free.

There’s no co-payment or deductible for the visit, and it’s easy to use this benefit. Just call your doctor when you sign up for Medicare. You can sign up for the visit during the first 12 months you have Medicare.

It’s comprehensive.

The visit includes a review of your medical history, preventive tests and screenings, and planning for a healthy future.

The visit is covered by Original Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage Plans. Under the new healthcare law, the visit is now free to those with Original Medicare, and to most people with Medicare Advantage Plans, along with a number of preventive screenings and services (like mammograms and colonoscopies).

Your Welcome Physical Will Include:

  • Recording and evaluating your medical and family history, current health conditions, and prescriptions.
  • Checking your blood pressure, vision, weight, and height to get a baseline for your care.
  • Making sure you're up-to-date with preventive screenings such as cancer screenings and shots.
  • Order further tests, depending on your general health and medical history.

Following the visit, your doctor will give you a plan or checklist with screenings and preventive services that you need.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

After the first year, you can get an annual Wellness Visit free as well.

If you’ve had Part B for longer than 12 months, you can get a yearly “wellness” visit to develop or update a personalized plan to prevent disease based on your current health and risk factors. This visit is covered once every 12 months.

Our medical director, Ravi Ramanathan, MD (call him “Dr. Ram”), and his medical staff have been helping patients get well and stay well here in Las Vegas since 2000! Dr. Ram and his staff, encourage you — the patient — to be an active partner in your own good health.

We understand that it is difficult to keep track of your exams, tests results, and recommended follow ups. Therefore, we’ve created your own "Personal Health Record,” a comprehensive personal health binder.

Your binder contains:

  • your personal health overview,
  • lab tests,
  • reports of any other exams and screenings,
  • specific health conditions, and
  • a personal notes and questions area.

This is your binder to keep and bring with you to your medical visits; you will have access your complete chronological medical record at all times! It’s an easy way to compare your current health, to your past, and what is recommended for the future.


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