Kimberly Badiola


Kimberly Badiola, MSN, FNP-BC was born in and raised in the outskirts of Los Angeles, California before relocating to Las Vegas. She is our very own Rebel Alumni graduate at University of Nevada Las Vegas in Psychology, then, soon after, obtained her Bachelor’s in Nursing from Roseman University. Following her two undergraduate degrees, she obtained her Master’s in Nursing at Columbus State University where she was developed in leadership and civic engagement. Her residency was completed under the cardiac medical surgical unit at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center.

Kimberly’s passion is driven by the bonds she builds with her patient’s over the course of their lives and the enjoyment she holds in keeping them healthy and well. She thrives off establishing a provider-patient relationship by educating and guiding them on disease prevention and healthy lifestyle habits.

Kimberly also is involved and affiliated with the American Nurses Association by donating her time and sharing new insights or expertise for the nursing community. In her free time, Kimberly enjoys life with her fiancé by exercising, meditating, baking, and spending time with her large extended family. Kimberly is eager for continuous in-service training and finding mastery within Family Doctors of Green Valley.


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